Handy Chrome extensions for journalists

Google Chrome is an excellent browser for journalism due to its advanced customisation options and extensions

GoFullPage Screen Capture

This tool is a fantastic one for documenting pages as you see them. While normal screen capture tools only capture the information on the screen at the time, this tool will render a full webpage meaning you don’t have to scroll and stick screenshots together.


This tool is excellent for design and multimedia creation. I have used it a lot when working on my own websites, for example, matching header images to the background colour of the site.

EXIF viewer pro

EXIF viewer pro can show the date and time that images were taken as well as other key info. Image credit: EXIF viewer pro.

Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is one of the internet’s greatest tools. It allows you to explore historical versions of web pages and see what was originally posted. One of the key benefits of Wayback Machine is that it allows you to save a website snapshot so you can revisit it later, even if it has been altered.

Rev Eye Reverse image

Another crucial image analysis tool, Rev Eye Reverse Image allows you to search the web for an image simply by right-clicking it. This tool gives you the options to search via all the main search engines either individually or simultaneously in new tabs for each.

Enable Right Click

This tool is really simple. It allows you to right-click on pages that have right-clicking blocked. This is a somewhat common tool used by web designers to prevent people from saving images or copying content.


Grammarly is a great tool for catching those pesky tpyos but also offers much more. While traditional spellcheck will correct your spelling and basic grammar, with this extension you can also get recommendations for better sentence structure and more advanced writing techniques.

Google Translate

Google Translate is your key to unlocking the internet when sites are written in other languages. While you could copy text into the Translate webpage, this extension means you have even easier access to translations on the go.

Open selected links

Not a lot to say about this tool other than what is in the title. If you highlight multiple links, you can open them simultaneously into new tabs. It can speed up your workflow significantly

User agent switcher

Sometimes web pages serve different devices with different content. This is a simple tool to pretend you are using a different device or browser to investigate a website. Whether it is to unlock a certain online feature or to disguise the device you are using, this tool can be very useful.

Rename Tabs

Yes, I’m that guy who has 20 different tabs open. Yes, I’m that guy that needs them all. Being able to rename tabs in Chrome is a really useful feature that should really be added to the browser itself.

When was this website published?

Do you want to investigate a website? This is the first step you should take in gathering information. With a simple tool you can see exactly when a website was first published.

Reddit Masstagger

This one is a bit controversial, but it is a tool which aids Reddit investigations. It works by looking at usernames and comparing them with a known database of posts in particular subreddits (normally far-right or problematic subreddits). If a user has posted in those subreddits then they will appear with a flag next to their username so you know they may be “opinionated”.


Can’t keep track of all the Twitter replies in a thread? This tool has you covered. Since Twitter allows you to reply to a post or any one of its comments, it can be a tangle of conversation forming many paths. Treeverse simplifies this by mapping out every comment and its child comments in a tree-like structure which can help visualise and follow conversations more easily.



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