Facility near Bosten Lake, Xinjiang China — Possibly Airship Hangar

Hangar near Korla and Bosten Lake, Xinjiang, China 41.789577,87.399201
One of the key things that stood out about this facility is the size. Compare height to the vehicles and doors.
The end of the runway has a circular section and what looks like military vehicles can be seen nearby in imagery from Satellites.pro
Visible above the “runway” is what could possibly be a mooring post for an airship.
Taken from: “Multi-disciplinary design optimization with variable complexity modeling for a stratosphere airship”, which lists an airship, the Tian heng, tested in Korla

Nearby Locations

On the Southern outskirts of Korla is a Large Phased-Array Radar. 41.641143,86.236949
15km South-East of the LPAR is a missile test facility, it extends beyond what is seen in the image above but this is the most “exciting” area.
The blue hangar discussed above was not actually discovered at the time I made this graphic due to it not being visible on Google Earth. It’s location is under the topmost red zoom box.
Roughly 86.5m tower remains a mystery. It seems to be part of the larger complex

The meteorological tower was 100 m high, and sensors were mounted at heights of 10 m, 20 m, 35 m, 50 m, 70 m, 80 m, and 100 m above the ground, respectively. Each height was equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, as well as three-dimensional ultrasonic wind sensors. Meanwhile, the air-pressure sensors were only mounted at the 10 and 100 m heights. The temperature, air-pressure, and relative humidity data were stored at 60 s sampling intervals and a three-dimensional velocity of 10 s. Then, one set of permanently installed L-band radiosonde radar and one GPS sounding system (located next to the MS1) were applied in the atmospheric boundary layer soundings for a selected case study. This study’s sample height interval of radiosonde was 50 m, while the GPS sounding was continuously stored at one second intervals.

Image showing the location of meteorological tower matches known location of tower under observation. Meteorological stations listed also match locations discussed elsewhere in the article.
Possible radio or microwave equipment
Possible radar
The bottom (right) paved square is the same location as the possible radar above, which has since been removed.
One of the more interesting locations. This area looks to have radio/microwave equipment as well as camouflaged buildings and possible concealed vehicles.
Closeup (image from more recent date) shows the buildings are camouflaged and there appears to be some vehicles under desert camo tarps. These are the hangar buildings shown in the image above.



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