Google Chrome is an excellent browser for journalism due to its advanced customisation options and extensions

The internet is a journalist’s greatest tool, but also it can be a minefield of false leads and traps that can destroy your reputation. Whether you are under pressure to have perfectly clean copy, or you need to employ powerful digital verification techniques, Google Chrome’s extensions are your best friend.

Adding a grid to an area in Google Earth Pro is a great way to allocate sections of the world to researchers.

If you are working on a project in Google Earth, you will want to have a number of tools to help allocate researchers to the right places. Adding a grid to Google Earth is a great way to divide up the research.

There is no easy way to add grids…

Hangar near Korla and Bosten Lake, Xinjiang, China 41.789577,87.399201

UPDATED STORY: This article has been updated with new information regarding the tower. Since this was written it has obtained some interest from a number of sources. Most notably, The Drive was able to offer significantly more contemporary imagery at higher resolution. One source which lays doubt on the claim that this complex of buildings is of military origin is a scientific paper that describes the tower as a “meteorological tower” alongside details of atmospheric measurements. This may lend itself to the theory that the hangar is indeed for a stratospheric airship designed for meteorological measurements. With that said, there are still a number of indicators that this may also be a military installation (perhaps hand-in-hand with research) that warrant further analysis and investigation.

This article aims to document the analysis of several sites in Xinjiang, China, notably a hangar which is presumed to house airships.

TL;DR: The hangar is the likely home of a stratosphere airship named Tian heng, which was tested in 2017.

While the article does not come to concrete answers…

Every red dot is a People’s Liberation Army Air Force location. If you want to research the number of military planes China has, for example, why start from scratch? A lot of the work is already done — namely, a list of locations to start the search.

The internet is full of data which can be used to make your life easier. Today’s tutorial will look at taking such data and turning it into a useful format for journalists and open-source intelligence analysts.

First, a bit about what we will cover. This tutorial will be based on…

Google Earth was used for geolocating a plane crash, which was claimed to have been the result of Taiwan shooting it down.

All information within was obtained using open-source information. I have provided evidence and want you to look at this as a starting point for your own investigation, rather than as proof to take without question.

On Friday September 4th, 2020, a Chinese plane crashed into a building, the pilot ejected…

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